Demystifying the Patient Portal

What is on the other side of it? Does it lead to another universe? Is it even a portal at all or do doctors just like to call it that?

Sadly, we don’t have anything as exciting as gravitational singularity to report at Monadnock Eye Physicians and Surgeons. However, a patient portal is, in fact, as the name suggests, an access point for patients—into their personal electronic medical records (EMR).

Some EMR companies have given their patient portals specific names such as “MyChart” or “FollowMyHealth”. Much in the same way that Advil, Motrin and ibuprofen all contain the same active ingredient (i.e. ibuprofen), MyChart, FollowMyHealth and patient portal all serve the same function, which is to provide patients with access to their health records and to allow them to communicate with the healthcare provider.

Monadnock Eye Physicians and Surgeons uses Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA). Patients now have access to their personal health records and can communicate with the office through EMA’s patient portal.

The patient portal is always open. From anywhere with an internet connection, patients can:

  • view their medical information and enter and update their medical history.

  • view their visit notes, educational handouts and any test results the provider has posted.

  • send messages to and receive messages from our office in a secure and private manner.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Patient Portal

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